Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Shabby Walls

There are many new packs in the store this week on all three grids - SL, Avination & InWorldz - For the fabric lovers we have a whole load of new stuff including Toile de Jouy and Seamless Chintz. And for the discerning interior designer / photographer a nice new pack of beautifully distressed 'Shabby Walls'. 10 New wonderfully disturbed Interior Wall textures in several styles, with various boarders and the inevitable nicotine and damp stained look that everyone seems to be crying out for these days. Out old friend Shabby Chic is certainly out there winning hearts at the moment. All these packs are available as of now in InWorldz, Avination and in Second Life, you'll find them on the Hippo Vendors and of course at the SL Marketplace. Remember we also have the 'Chez Chic' House & Garden Hunt on in the main store (SL) running until the end of April.

It's been a crazy month so far, so many new products being rolled out at the same time as updating all the Marketplace listings and updating the packaging of every single box in every store on every grid plus the SLM and Hippo servers, customs, notecards, things breaking.. but honestly I don't want it ever to stop, it reminds me of how SL used to be.


  1. Your store is my new favorite place. I seriously needed some awesome shabby wallpapers for my Mainstore, and these are wonderful. Thanks!

  2. Hey thanks Violett! Glad to help and thank you for your kind words. I'll more than likely do a follow up pack to the shabby walls at some point, so keep you're eyes peeled for those. Thanks again.

    Khan. :)