Friday, 22 April 2011

[K.O.] - Shabby Chic II - 55 Organic Grunge Textures

Shabby Chic II is a pack I've been working on releasing this week and being Friday and a holiday weekend (depending on your region) it seems like a good time to do so. We've got 55 brand new textures to keep us all busy this Easter weekend. Ideal for building those old whitewashed summer houses we dream about, perhaps a bit run down and loose at the seams. (I know the feeling) Pictures below, you'll find it on the SL Marketplace or at the main SL Store. As always it'll be available in InWorldz and Avination over the course of the day. (After dinner) (Depending on your region).

Also it's the final week of the fabulous Chez Chic hunt by Jinxed Hunts, find the little teapot in the main SL Store and inside is a lovely pack of FP Scatter Cushions for only 10L$. Have a great weekend and have fun building!

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