Friday, 4 March 2011

Cool Black Wall Pack #3 & Catching Up

It's been a slow start to 2011 what with opening new stores on various grids and other stores closing as the grid loses yet another sim (Onium Dye Mall - Which has moved to Avination). This week though I've released several new packs to kick start the spring & summer season. First out of the traps is [K.O.] Cool Black Wall Pack #3 which goes straight into the budget range with its older siblings. It's $L100 from the Main Store or on The Marketplace. You can also pick it up in Avination or in InWorldz. Here are a couple of pics; (you may want to click on them to see them properly)

Other packs released this week (or the end of last) include [K.O.] - Nursery - Which is a big box of perfect for Mums & Dads of little boys, little girls and little monsters. "Little monsters Khan?" "Yes little monsters, you'll see." Picture below. Also just out are two packs of gorgeous wood effect colored interiors by the name of [K.O.] - Whimsical Wood and [K.O.] - Whimsical Wood 2, the former being a beautifully pale and sometimes vintage range of colors and the latter is a range of much brighter, warm fun colors. All these packs can all be found in SL, Avination and in InWorldz. Picture below.

Oh one final note this week, the latest hunt from Mandi Blanco is underway: Texturemania 2 Hunt means there are hundreds of free, great quality prizes with a Spring theme to be found across the SL grid, all full perm items from top builders and creators. It runs through March so don't dilly dally.

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