Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Now Open For Business In Avination

Ever expanding, slowly but surely and eventually, we now find ourselves arriving on the shores of the Avination grid. I was asked by good friend and associate Tolsen DeCycla to join him on his quest to seek fortune and merriment at his brand new shiny sim, peacefully entitled 'Tranquility Harbor'. Where his new Onium Dye Village Mall has been taking shape for the past week or so.

The mall (which has been very successful on the SL grid, full to capacity or thereabouts since it's conception over a year ago) will carry on the tradition of offering shop space for creators of all the things 3D content builders crave. Textures, Sculpt Maps, Templates, Artwork and so on. There are still spaces available in the mall, but hurry. Contact Tolsen DeCycla in Avination for details, or take a trip to the sim and check it out for yourself.


  1. Very happy to see you in Avination. I have purchased your textures in both Second Life and InWorldz and am always very happy with the quality and uniqueness of them.

  2. Hiya Rosie. Thank you very much and what a coincidence! I bought a set of your sun glasses today, and they're great!